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Alicia began to learn about eating healthy and about GMOs. One day while reading the ingredients in a box of Girl Scout cookies, and finding out there were some not so good things in there, she asked her mom if any of the ingredients were GMO. Together they visited the Girl Scout Cookie website and found out they do support the use of GMO ingredients. Alicia and her mom discussed how they might be able to change that. So, they thought about writing a letter or sending an email. Then, her mom remembered about and explained how it worked to Alicia. Alicia was on board and they started  her first petition asking Girl Scouts of the USA to make their cookie GMO free.


With numerous emails and letters sent, Alicia had no luck. In many of the letters, GSUSA proclaimed “They stood behind their bakers”. One phone call even had someone proclaim it was not up to them, but the bakers”. Here’s a statement from their website: “At the current time, there are genetically modified agricultural crops (GMOs) in Girl Scout Cookies. Our bakers determine whether to use GMOs in Girl Scout Cookies based on a range of market-related factors and depending on the specific cookie recipe.”  After this was all explained to Alicia, her mom then asked us what they could do if it was up to the bakers. Alicia responded with two more petition, each asking the bakers of Girl Scout cookies to make them without GMOs.

You can help make this change by signing these petitions.

Girl Scouts of the USA, please make Girl Scout cookies without GMOs.

ABC Bakers, please make Girl Scout cookies without GMOs.

Little Brownie Bakers, please make Girl Scout cookies without GMOs.


2 thoughts on “Petitions

  1. If I might suggest, if you put up a page on face book for this petition & send us (those who receive your email notifications from the link, you’ll get your signers….:-) Penni

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