A planting week

This weekend my whole family went to pick strawberries. It was so fun. I got the most strawberries and one was a huge momma strawberry with a tiny baby strawberry on top. We got so many strawberries. We ate them all week and my mom froze the rest for our smoothies.

 straw kids

We had early out all week, so we got to do a lot of planting and fun stuff. We got a new hummingbird feeder and hung it in our backyard. We get hummingbirds all the time. There’s even a nest in our tree.


We got to make pine cone bird feeders too. We put almond butter and seeds on a pine cone and hung them on pretty colored ribbon. We put them in our tree and watch the birds eat the seeds.


My Girl Scout troop is making sleeping mats for the homeless out of recycled plastic bags. First you cut the bags, loop them and then crochet them. It’s really easy. Mrs. Carol came to show us how. We are going to make 10 mats. We also put together 10 care packages with lots of things like toothpaste, band-aids, combs and snacks. I’m going to make a mat all by myself.

3.27.2014 120



A lot of fun things

3.22.2014 014

This week was a lot of fun. My friend Grace turned 8. She had her party at Build-A-Bear. I got a Brownie Girl Scout bear because I’m a Brownie. My friend Delaney and Brianna got the same one. It was the best birthday party ever.

3.27.2014 127

My mom took me to go see “Wings of Life”. We had so much fun. We took our own popcorn and I got Annie’s organic bunny gummy candy for a treat. The movie was beautiful and I even got to meet the man who worked on the film.  There was a raffle after and I won a honey kit. It was just what I wanted. I was happy to see D’Marie there too.

3.27.2014 128

Our school had bingo night and I went with my mom and Anabelle. My mom won the first game and gave me her ticket! Then she gave my friend Ben the lucky ticket and he won! Ani was sad she didn’t win so I gave her my prize. Then, my dad even bought us our own bingo game. Now, we have our own family bingo nights. We even got to have my friends over to play too.

3.22.2014 021

The Ecology Center had a World Water Day. I went with Nana and my mom and the kids. We got to pump water in the water shed and we learned a lot of ways to save water.

ecology rick cooks

There was even a jug of dirty water that put a filter on and it turned the water super clean and you could even drink it, but I didn’t. We got to make T-shirts and my favorite part as always, feed the chickens.

rick chicken

We also had a work day in our school garden. We planted more plants with our teachers and the garden is looking a lot better.

3.20.2014 091

Planting and planning

This week I got to help Anabelle’s Daisy Troop plant sunflower seeds for our school garden. We used egg cartons, organic soil and organic seeds.

3.20.2014 056

I also go to go to a meeting at D’Marie’s house to talk about GMOs and the March Against Monsanto. I took my favorite chili that I made to share with everyone. I think they liked it a lot. I get to speak again and tell everyone about GMOs. I am also going to help my mom make coloring pages. It was fun to see the cat. Oh! I even saw a giant poster of my mom and me for a new documentary. It was so cool.

Bowling and books

This week I went to my friend Ben’s birthday party. It was at the bowling alley and was so much fun! I even got to go with my Nana and it was special.

2014-03-09 15.33.10

On Sunday, I went with Ani and my mom to sell my cook books. We went to Sprouts and set up a table and signs. It was fun. Ani and I danced and made a good team to sell. Towards the end, she was stopping people and then I would tell them all about it. Some people didn’t want to buy it and it made me a little sad, but then there were people who did want to buy it so that made me feel better. It was a little hard to talk to people but after a little bit it got fun. I sold a lot of books and even reached my first goal of 50 books!

Race day

rick grunion run 2014

This weekend I had my race. It was the Grunion Run in Dana Point. I did the 5k and it was my third one. I got 6th place and I was the youngest one running. I didn’t get a medal this time but it was really fun. It rained again and I got to run with my dad. I got a neat t-shirt. My favorite part was running with my dad.

A BIG week

20,000 signatures

This week my petition reached 20,000 signatures!!! It’s been almost a year since it started and has been lots of fun! Thank you to everyone who signed!

Ani and I registered for cheerleading again with my friend Mia. I got to see my old coach and I missed her.

2.21.2014 061

We got to go to a GMO rally to tell the GMA (they work with the grocery stores) that we want GMOs labeled. We got to dance and it was so fun. We got to play on the beach too. I saw my friend D’Marie and Jon and Kathleen. It was the best day ever.

2.21.2014 125

Happy Valentine’s

2014-02-11 13.22.37

This week was Valentine’s Day. My mom put together CDs for us to pass out to our friends instead of candy. They had Let it go in Spanish and English. They were way better than candy.

2014-02-18 15.39.32 2014-02-19 07.36.40

We also started planting in our school garden. We planted all the plants for our butterfly garden and had fun drawing with chalk. It’s starting to look like a real garden now.

This weekend was Valentine’s weekend. We had a four day weekend and it was fun. On Friday we went to the DMV with my mom. It was kind of boring, but we made it work. It was hard waiting and everyone was tired. There was a man at the desk that was not very nice and my brother was getting grouchy. Then, a lady came over and gave us snacks and my mom flowers. She was so nice and it made us all happy. She was a special lady.

2014-02-16 16.53.58 2.21.2014 014

My mom and dad took us to Disneyland! They said we were all working so hard and being such good kids so we earned it. It was the best day ever. We went on rides and met princesses and Jake. At night we got to see World of Color and it was so cool.

2014-02-16 20.12.36

Green Festival

2.10.2014 006

This weekend my mom and I went to the Laguna Beach Green Festival. It was also National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend. I was giving a speech all about my project to get GMOs out of Girl Scout cookies. I got to speak on stage and it was really fun. We listened to some songs about life that two girls were singing. They had pretty voices. We met Team Marine and learned about their bottle cap art. My Girl Scout troop was collecting bottle caps and maybe we can do a project now with Team Marine. I got to make a heart seed bomb. You use newspaper and water to make it mushy and put it into a cookie cutter to make a heart. Then, you put seeds on top and let it dry. Then, you can plant it. My friend Ben did a speech too. He talked all about eating healthy food and how it makes you  happy. My friend Bella did a speech about our Girl Scout Elephant project. It was her first time doing a speech. This Green Festival was really neat because it was all kids doing presentations.

2.10.2014 008

A lot of fun things

On the weekend we had a sleepover with my cousin AJ. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again. We went to the store to get yummy snacks and dinner.  We played Just Dance and had a Monster High Dance show. We played outside on our toys and it was a lot of fun. We got to paint and my brother got paint all over his body. We made strawberry coconut milk ice cream, popcorn and had movie night.  We made a fort in our room and we even slept in it. In the morning my mom made us my Easy Peasy Banana Pancakes. Then we went to the park. I hope she can come over again soon.

2014-01-25 17.54.07

My Girl Scout troop went rock climbing. It was a lot of fun. I even made it all the way tot the top of the wall. We got to spend a lot of time there and I climbed the whole time. We even had races and it was fun.

2014-01-29 14.28.59

On the weekend I went to my favorite place, The Ecology Center. It was so much fun. I went with my mom to listen to Howard (Vlieger) speak.  He did a pig study and fed the pigs GMOs, they got sick. Then, he feed them Organic and they got better. He is really smart and knows so much about GMOs. I got to meet him and he is nice. I got to see Zen too. She’s my favorite. I showed her kids around the Ecology Center. We fed the chickens sunflower seeds and even got to take home a yummy egg. I cooked it for breakfast the next morning. I showed them the kale I planted and they even tasted fennel flowers. We played tag a little too.

2.2.2014 030


Running the country

1.15.2014 030

It was a fun week. I went to the Fire Department with my sister’s Girl Scout troop. I went last year with my troop but it was still fun going again. I got to see the thank you cards and picture we sent them too!

2014-01-17 09.34.50

My class also went on a field trip to see the Disneyland Band. They played lots of neat instruments. We even got a ticket to go to Disneyland!


On Saturday I go to go on a run with Bret and David. They are a Dad and son who are running all the way across the USA. Along their way they are going to be telling everyone about GMOs. When my mom told me about what they were doing, I thought it was so neat. I wanted to run with them. I asked my mom and she said she would ask them. They said YES! I met them at the beach in the morning and got run for a little bit with them. It was nice because I love to run and I want GMOs out of our food too.

Irick GMO run