The March Against Monsanto #3

2014-04-30 13.38.50

This weekend we did a lot of things. We had three days off and Daddy was sick. We went to the pool everyday and that was fun.

mam atd

On Saturday, we went to the March Against Monsanto. This was my 3rd one. It was fun. I went with my mom and sisters and brother. I dressed up as a bee, because Monsantos chemicals are killing our bees. Ani dressed up as a butterfly and Cookie was a ladybug. Domi wore my Food Revolution shirt. We walked and held our signs and got to cheer. I got to see D’Marie and Jon and lots of other nice people.


After the march, I passed out the coloring books I helped my mom make to all the kids. We gave them to the kids in the march and to all the kids on the playground.

mam8 mam9 mam7

Sunday, I went with my mom and Ani to The Ecology Center for a Seed Talk. I thought we were going to look at more seeds, but it was still fun. We got to see the chickens and Ani was playing with a cat.

2014-05-25 12.27.51


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