Hiking and dancing

5.6.2014 176

This weekend we went to go on a Hike N Dine with Zucchini Express and 5 Bar Beef. I was really excited because I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. I went with my mom, Ani and Nana. We got there and parked up a hill on the dirt. We walked up another big hill, then, we had to walk back down to move our car. We followed Mr. Frank to the bike trail and parked there. Then, we walked back up the huge hill to start our hike. Then, a lady told us we had to move our cars again. My mom was getting too frustrated and I just wanted to start our hike. It was already an hour later and my mom said we were going to have to wrap it up. There were lots of other people leaving too. We walked back down to our car and there was the park ranger. We all ran. He was nice and didn’t give us a ticket. We were all hungry and Ani wanted Chipotle so we went there for dinner. It was a crazy day, but it was fun to walk up the hills and be with my mom and Nana and Ani.

5.6.2014 205

My sister’s and I performed at the Soka International Festival. We got to be in a theater on a big stage. We even wore makeup this time, but I didn’t really like it that much. We did lots of dances and it was fun. After, we walked around a little bit.


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