Monday was Earth Day. My friend Zen gave me a bunch of seeds for bees. My mom helped me make labels that said Happy Earth Day with my name on them. I got to pass them out to my class and teachers. Everybody loved them.

earth day rick

This week Ani and I started track. It’s fun so far and our coach is really nice. It’s fun to run with my friends. We get to do two track meets and I think they will be fun.

jogathon pray jogathon run

They announced the winners of the jogathon at my school. I ran the whole time and didn’t stop once. I did 20 laps and got first place for the girls in my class. I was so happy and I got a little reindeer stuffed animal.

race end 2 race

I did my fifth 5k! It was so fun. It was an Easter Egg hunt race and there were so many hills. I didn’t get a medal, but I did PR and my mom said that’s even better. I got 5th place and was the first girl in my age group of 7-10 year olds.. My time was 27.24. Ani got 1st place in her division and she got a really nice medal. It was so much fun.




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