Jogathon week

This week I lost my seventh tooth! It was exciting. I got two dollars from the tooth fairy. She didn’t put the money under my pillow. Instead, it was in my shoe! I’m going to save my money to buy some new erasers.

rick youth leader card

I got something really cool in the mail. It was a really neat card game with pictures and facts about different kids who are doing really awesome things for our planet. I even have my own card!

girls jogathon 2 girls jogathon

We had our jogathon this week too. My mom made me a cape that was so pretty. I ran the whole time and didn’t stop once. It was a lot of fun.

2014-03-22 09.50.542014-04-02 17.59.42

I’ve also been working on my sleeping mat for the homeless. It’s made out of recycled plastic bags. I have 16 rows done but have a lot more to go!


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