A planting week

This weekend my whole family went to pick strawberries. It was so fun. I got the most strawberries and one was a huge momma strawberry with a tiny baby strawberry on top. We got so many strawberries. We ate them all week and my mom froze the rest for our smoothies.

 straw kids

We had early out all week, so we got to do a lot of planting and fun stuff. We got a new hummingbird feeder and hung it in our backyard. We get hummingbirds all the time. There’s even a nest in our tree.


We got to make pine cone bird feeders too. We put almond butter and seeds on a pine cone and hung them on pretty colored ribbon. We put them in our tree and watch the birds eat the seeds.


My Girl Scout troop is making sleeping mats for the homeless out of recycled plastic bags. First you cut the bags, loop them and then crochet them. It’s really easy. Mrs. Carol came to show us how. We are going to make 10 mats. We also put together 10 care packages with lots of things like toothpaste, band-aids, combs and snacks. I’m going to make a mat all by myself.

3.27.2014 120



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