Every day is Earth Day

rickearth day sign

On Saturday we went to South Coast Farms. We got to pick lots of organic strawberries. Our Girl Scout troops came too.

 4.6.2014 113

After we picked our strawberries we went next door to The Ecology Center. They had an Earth Day festival and it was amazing. We got a map and we went to different stations to do activities. Each one we did we got a stamp. We did all the activities and my favorite was the Water Shed. We got to feed the chickens, build a shelter, make a seed ball, and a post card. I even saw my garden teacher Meg!

rick mimi tent rick meg  rick earth day shedrick  earth day solution

This week we spent a lot of time in our school garden. We planted 50 sunflowers! We saw lots of caterpillars and watered everyday. We even got to take our bikes to ride around when we were there for a long time.

2014-04-10 09.06.37 4.11.2014 076


Jogathon week

This week I lost my seventh tooth! It was exciting. I got two dollars from the tooth fairy. She didn’t put the money under my pillow. Instead, it was in my shoe! I’m going to save my money to buy some new erasers.

rick youth leader card

I got something really cool in the mail. It was a really neat card game with pictures and facts about different kids who are doing really awesome things for our planet. I even have my own card!

girls jogathon 2 girls jogathon

We had our jogathon this week too. My mom made me a cape that was so pretty. I ran the whole time and didn’t stop once. It was a lot of fun.

2014-03-22 09.50.542014-04-02 17.59.42

I’ve also been working on my sleeping mat for the homeless. It’s made out of recycled plastic bags. I have 16 rows done but have a lot more to go!

A planting week

This weekend my whole family went to pick strawberries. It was so fun. I got the most strawberries and one was a huge momma strawberry with a tiny baby strawberry on top. We got so many strawberries. We ate them all week and my mom froze the rest for our smoothies.

 straw kids

We had early out all week, so we got to do a lot of planting and fun stuff. We got a new hummingbird feeder and hung it in our backyard. We get hummingbirds all the time. There’s even a nest in our tree.


We got to make pine cone bird feeders too. We put almond butter and seeds on a pine cone and hung them on pretty colored ribbon. We put them in our tree and watch the birds eat the seeds.


My Girl Scout troop is making sleeping mats for the homeless out of recycled plastic bags. First you cut the bags, loop them and then crochet them. It’s really easy. Mrs. Carol came to show us how. We are going to make 10 mats. We also put together 10 care packages with lots of things like toothpaste, band-aids, combs and snacks. I’m going to make a mat all by myself.

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A lot of fun things

3.22.2014 014

This week was a lot of fun. My friend Grace turned 8. She had her party at Build-A-Bear. I got a Brownie Girl Scout bear because I’m a Brownie. My friend Delaney and Brianna got the same one. It was the best birthday party ever.

3.27.2014 127

My mom took me to go see “Wings of Life”. We had so much fun. We took our own popcorn and I got Annie’s organic bunny gummy candy for a treat. The movie was beautiful and I even got to meet the man who worked on the film.  There was a raffle after and I won a honey kit. It was just what I wanted. I was happy to see D’Marie there too.

3.27.2014 128

Our school had bingo night and I went with my mom and Anabelle. My mom won the first game and gave me her ticket! Then she gave my friend Ben the lucky ticket and he won! Ani was sad she didn’t win so I gave her my prize. Then, my dad even bought us our own bingo game. Now, we have our own family bingo nights. We even got to have my friends over to play too.

3.22.2014 021

The Ecology Center had a World Water Day. I went with Nana and my mom and the kids. We got to pump water in the water shed and we learned a lot of ways to save water.

ecology rick cooks

There was even a jug of dirty water that put a filter on and it turned the water super clean and you could even drink it, but I didn’t. We got to make T-shirts and my favorite part as always, feed the chickens.

rick chicken

We also had a work day in our school garden. We planted more plants with our teachers and the garden is looking a lot better.

3.20.2014 091

Planting and planning

This week I got to help Anabelle’s Daisy Troop plant sunflower seeds for our school garden. We used egg cartons, organic soil and organic seeds.

3.20.2014 056

I also go to go to a meeting at D’Marie’s house to talk about GMOs and the March Against Monsanto. I took my favorite chili that I made to share with everyone. I think they liked it a lot. I get to speak again and tell everyone about GMOs. I am also going to help my mom make coloring pages. It was fun to see the cat. Oh! I even saw a giant poster of my mom and me for a new documentary. It was so cool.