Green Festival

2.10.2014 006

This weekend my mom and I went to the Laguna Beach Green Festival. It was also National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend. I was giving a speech all about my project to get GMOs out of Girl Scout cookies. I got to speak on stage and it was really fun. We listened to some songs about life that two girls were singing. They had pretty voices. We met Team Marine and learned about their bottle cap art. My Girl Scout troop was collecting bottle caps and maybe we can do a project now with Team Marine. I got to make a heart seed bomb. You use newspaper and water to make it mushy and put it into a cookie cutter to make a heart. Then, you put seeds on top and let it dry. Then, you can plant it. My friend Ben did a speech too. He talked all about eating healthy food and how it makes you  happy. My friend Bella did a speech about our Girl Scout Elephant project. It was her first time doing a speech. This Green Festival was really neat because it was all kids doing presentations.

2.10.2014 008


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