A lot of fun things

On the weekend we had a sleepover with my cousin AJ. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again. We went to the store to get yummy snacks and dinner.  We played Just Dance and had a Monster High Dance show. We played outside on our toys and it was a lot of fun. We got to paint and my brother got paint all over his body. We made strawberry coconut milk ice cream, popcorn and had movie night.  We made a fort in our room and we even slept in it. In the morning my mom made us my Easy Peasy Banana Pancakes. Then we went to the park. I hope she can come over again soon.

2014-01-25 17.54.07

My Girl Scout troop went rock climbing. It was a lot of fun. I even made it all the way tot the top of the wall. We got to spend a lot of time there and I climbed the whole time. We even had races and it was fun.

2014-01-29 14.28.59

On the weekend I went to my favorite place, The Ecology Center. It was so much fun. I went with my mom to listen to Howard (Vlieger) speak.  He did a pig study and fed the pigs GMOs, they got sick. Then, he feed them Organic and they got better. He is really smart and knows so much about GMOs. I got to meet him and he is nice. I got to see Zen too. She’s my favorite. I showed her kids around the Ecology Center. We fed the chickens sunflower seeds and even got to take home a yummy egg. I cooked it for breakfast the next morning. I showed them the kale I planted and they even tasted fennel flowers. We played tag a little too.

2.2.2014 030



Running the country

1.15.2014 030

It was a fun week. I went to the Fire Department with my sister’s Girl Scout troop. I went last year with my troop but it was still fun going again. I got to see the thank you cards and picture we sent them too!

2014-01-17 09.34.50

My class also went on a field trip to see the Disneyland Band. They played lots of neat instruments. We even got a ticket to go to Disneyland!


On Saturday I go to go on a run with Bret and David. They are a Dad and son who are running all the way across the USA. Along their way they are going to be telling everyone about GMOs. When my mom told me about what they were doing, I thought it was so neat. I wanted to run with them. I asked my mom and she said she would ask them. They said YES! I met them at the beach in the morning and got run for a little bit with them. It was nice because I love to run and I want GMOs out of our food too.

Irick GMO run