Recipes to Grow


I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mom over the summer. We wanted to cook together more and keep the recipes to make for our family. Then, when my mom said to remind her to write down the recipes to save, I thought we could do a cookbook. She told me maybe we could sell them to make money and I thought that would be fun. I asked if we could use the money to get healthy lunches and organic gardens in schools.

We watched cooking shows, looked in cookbooks and online for yummy food we wanted to make. Then, we changed the recipes so they were healthy. I helped her make all the recipes and taste test too. It took all summer. Then, she put all the recipes and pictures in a book. I helped a little bit. Now it’s done!

There are over 40 recipes and they are yummy. You can buy the book for $20.00 or an ebook for $7.99  All proceeds from the book will go to getting organic gardens into schools.

Print book (7×7 softcover):


You can sign her petition here:



5 thoughts on “Recipes to Grow

  1. Hello, I think that this is a very good idea and applaud your initiative and hard work. I am active in the food movement in my community and would like to share this message. However, before doing so I need a bit more information. You say proceeds will go to get organic gardens in schools. Can you be more specific? I understand that there is a strong tradition of school gardens in California. Will proceeds be used to convert existing school gardens from conventional to organic gardens or to create new organic gardens? Will there be a non-profit organization involved? Thanks! SH

    • Hi Stephen! Thanks for getting in touch with us! Alicia has teamed up with The Ecology Center in San Juan. There, they have a Grow Your Own program which helps get schools the resources they need to get gardens going. I hope this answers your questions. Let us know if you need more info.

  2. Dear Rebecca,
    Congratulations on undertaking such a socially conscious entrepreneurial endeavor! I will share your mission with our community in the DC metro area. Organic gardens and organic recipes are the only sustainable way for people to stay healthy and avoid illnesses caused by unhealthy foods. You are the future and I hope that your message will resonate with our government and they will stop subsidizing crops and industrial food companies that make us sick and CAUSE obesity and instead encourage organic farmers both big and small to nourish our nation. Organic farms in schools not only nourish the bodies of our precious children but also their souls! They are especially helpful in neighborhoods where access to high quality supermarkets or farmers markets are not possible. Sincerely, Deborah J Block, CEO Back to Basics

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