Nana days

Monday there was no school and it was my Nana’s birthday. We surprised her at her house and went swimming. We had homemade banana bread for her birthday cake. It was so fun.

I slept over at my Nana’s house on Friday. We went for a run at the park where I had one of my races. The next day we went to The Sound of Music play. I love the movie an the play was amazing.

rick sound of music

My cookbook is done! It has lots of yummy recipes and I spent a lot of time working on it. I’m going to sell it in another week ad the money is going to get gardens in schools.

This Saturday, I am going to be running with a father/son team who are running to tell people about GMOs. They are running across the United States and I get to run the first 3 miles with them. I think what they are doing is amazing. More people will know about GMOs and then everyone will now what GMOs are and they will want GMOs out of the food.


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