The best Christmas ever

Christmas was so fun. Christmas eve we went to Nana Serratos house and gave presents to our cousins. It was fun to play with them. Then Juany, Grace and Rebecca came to our house. Tata and Rosemary came too. We gave Rebecca her present and I think she liked it. We played Just Dance for a little bit too.

girls xmas

On Christmas when we woke up there were lots of presents under the tree. My favorite were my rollerblades. Then we went to my Nana Sanchez’s house. There were more presents there! My favorite was the rainbow loom set and book. Now I know how to make all kinds of bracelets. My cousins AJ and Jojo came over and we got to play. We played outside on our new razor bikes. I just love my family.

girls xmas reaction

Then, I got sleep over with Ani, Cooks and Dom at Nana’s house. We went to Balboa, the park, and played outside. I love staying with her and want to go back again.


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