Rebecca is here

This week I turned in my “All About Me” box. It was a lot of work but looked so cool when we it was done! I also made my class ornaments. This is the fourth year I have done it. The first year was a felt heart ornament I painted, with a small candy cane inside. The next one was an ornament with my hand print that I decorated as snowmen. Then, My mom cut out circles and I sewed them together with a loop to make wreath ornaments. I painted those too. This year we made salt dough and cut it into snowflakes. Then baked them and painted them. I love making ornaments and giving them to my friends, teachers and family.

12.12.2013 004

It was a special week because it was almost a break from school. We went to see Santa and I told him what I wanted for Christmas. One day, my mom took me out of school for a little bit to go visit my sister and brother in their class and at the Learning Link. It was so fun. I got to see Mrs. Dana and I like her a lot. I hope I can go again soon.

xmas santa 2013 4

The best part was Juany and Grace came to visit with Rebecca. I taught Juany how to make Rainbow Loom bracelets. He so fun to play with and is silly. I love baby Rebecca, she is so cute and adorable. I even got to hold her.


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