Recipes to Grow


I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mom over the summer. We wanted to cook together more and keep the recipes to make for our family. Then, when my mom said to remind her to write down the recipes to save, I thought we could do a cookbook. She told me maybe we could sell them to make money and I thought that would be fun. I asked if we could use the money to get healthy lunches and organic gardens in schools.

We watched cooking shows, looked in cookbooks and online for yummy food we wanted to make. Then, we changed the recipes so they were healthy. I helped her make all the recipes and taste test too. It took all summer. Then, she put all the recipes and pictures in a book. I helped a little bit. Now it’s done!

There are over 40 recipes and they are yummy. You can buy the book for $20.00 or an ebook for $7.99  All proceeds from the book will go to getting organic gardens into schools.

Print book (7×7 softcover):


You can sign her petition here:



Nana days

Monday there was no school and it was my Nana’s birthday. We surprised her at her house and went swimming. We had homemade banana bread for her birthday cake. It was so fun.

I slept over at my Nana’s house on Friday. We went for a run at the park where I had one of my races. The next day we went to The Sound of Music play. I love the movie an the play was amazing.

rick sound of music

My cookbook is done! It has lots of yummy recipes and I spent a lot of time working on it. I’m going to sell it in another week ad the money is going to get gardens in schools.

This Saturday, I am going to be running with a father/son team who are running to tell people about GMOs. They are running across the United States and I get to run the first 3 miles with them. I think what they are doing is amazing. More people will know about GMOs and then everyone will now what GMOs are and they will want GMOs out of the food.

Snow day

My Mom and Dad surprised us with a snow day! It was kind of a long drive, but worth it. We got to ride down the hills with tubes. They were so huge and fast. My sisters and I even held on to each others tubes and went down together. It was awesome. Domi did all the big hills too. We even made a snow monster. We didn’t have so much time left, so we couldn’t do a snowman. Instead, we made a snow monster. It was the most fun ever.

snowday family pic 2rick snowday 5

My mom is teaching me how to rollerblade. It’s a little tricky because it’s hard to balance, but I keep practicing and getting better. I’m still running a lot too. I hope I have another race soon.


The best Christmas ever

Christmas was so fun. Christmas eve we went to Nana Serratos house and gave presents to our cousins. It was fun to play with them. Then Juany, Grace and Rebecca came to our house. Tata and Rosemary came too. We gave Rebecca her present and I think she liked it. We played Just Dance for a little bit too.

girls xmas

On Christmas when we woke up there were lots of presents under the tree. My favorite were my rollerblades. Then we went to my Nana Sanchez’s house. There were more presents there! My favorite was the rainbow loom set and book. Now I know how to make all kinds of bracelets. My cousins AJ and Jojo came over and we got to play. We played outside on our new razor bikes. I just love my family.

girls xmas reaction

Then, I got sleep over with Ani, Cooks and Dom at Nana’s house. We went to Balboa, the park, and played outside. I love staying with her and want to go back again.

Rebecca is here

This week I turned in my “All About Me” box. It was a lot of work but looked so cool when we it was done! I also made my class ornaments. This is the fourth year I have done it. The first year was a felt heart ornament I painted, with a small candy cane inside. The next one was an ornament with my hand print that I decorated as snowmen. Then, My mom cut out circles and I sewed them together with a loop to make wreath ornaments. I painted those too. This year we made salt dough and cut it into snowflakes. Then baked them and painted them. I love making ornaments and giving them to my friends, teachers and family.

12.12.2013 004

It was a special week because it was almost a break from school. We went to see Santa and I told him what I wanted for Christmas. One day, my mom took me out of school for a little bit to go visit my sister and brother in their class and at the Learning Link. It was so fun. I got to see Mrs. Dana and I like her a lot. I hope I can go again soon.

xmas santa 2013 4

The best part was Juany and Grace came to visit with Rebecca. I taught Juany how to make Rainbow Loom bracelets. He so fun to play with and is silly. I love baby Rebecca, she is so cute and adorable. I even got to hold her.

Music week

12.12.2013 011

My Girl Scout Troop went to music and Munchies. It’s where you go to a school for a special snack and you get to wear your jammies. Then you go into the MPR and learn lots of songs and sing and dance. It’s so much fun. My favorite song was “Milk the Cow”.

12.12.2013 132rick poppa 2

My sisters and I performed with our folklorico group this week. We danced 3 different dances and it was fun. The first one was La Raspa and we get to bring people on stage. I brought my daddy up and he danced with me. Cookie was the youngest dancer, she just turned 4. She did a really good job.



I had a week off of school for Thanksgiving. It was a lot of fun. We had tamales and went to the park to ride our plasma cars down the hills. My mom even took us in the giant parking lot on a hill and we rode all the way down.

rick 5k 2 turkey trek 2

I ran my third race. It was a 5k, that’s over 3 miles. I ran with my dad. The race was at the beach and it was raining. I ran in 30:57, my best time so far. I even got a medal. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to do another one.

12.9.2013 389

My Girl Scout Troop went to the Discovery Science Center to see our gingerbread house. We went with my sister’s Daisy Troop. I got to ride with Viviana and it was fun.

Lots of fun things to celebrate

It was Cookie’s birthday and she turned 4! She had A Monster High Party and it was so fun. She got really cool presents and I think she had so much fun.

12.9.2013 211

My friend Mia turned 7. We went to the trampoline place and jumped for a long time. Then we went to Sharky’s to eat lunch. We got her lots of Monster high gifts because she’s one of my favorite friends.

12.9.2013 104

Reflections night. I got an award for my painting. The theme was dream, believe, inspire. I painted about everyone being able to marry who ever they want, because if you love someone that’s what is important.

alicia reflections

Our animals need us

I watched a new movie with my mom called Blackfish. It’s about Orca whales and how they aren’t treated nicely. People are taking the babies from their mommies. The whales are taken from the ocean to Sea World and the whales don’t like it. People shouldn’t go to Sea World and we should tell people not to go. Sea World should stop taking the whales from the ocean and they should let all the whales be free.


My Girl Scout Troop worked really hard raising money for The Asian Elephant Foundation. We had our very own Elephant Parade to raise money. We got to go see the Elephant Parade in Dana Point. We saw lots of giant elephants and even got to sign one. We got to go on stage and give our money to The Asian Elephant Foundation. I hope this helps keep the elephants safe.