Dia de Los Muertos

11.4.2013 005

We just celebrated Dia de Los Muertos. It’s a day to celebrate your loved ones that passed away. We celebrated my Tio David and Miriam Lica. Miriam is a girl at my school who just died. She was in my dance class.

rick folk


We went to a lot of different festivals and got to dance at some of them too. We went to one with my Nana and she bought us really beautiful crowns. We got to ride a double decker bus and saw a really pretty church.

ani rick folk2

We got to dance at Gates Elementary School and it was so much fun.

noche 1

We went to Noche de Altares in Santa Ana with my Daddy. My Daddy bought me a little skull and it’s so pretty. There were lots of Altars and they were amazing.


We also performed at Bower’s Museum. We got to look at all the art and make sugar skulls. Our picture was in the newspaper and I was in it.

rick halloween

We went to Donna’s house for Halloween. There was a tarantula at one of the houses and a pretend rat and it scared my little brother. We got lots of candy. My mom traded our candy for better candy that didn’t have GMOs, natural flavors, and no artificial dyes. We are going to use the candy we collected for our Girl Scout gingerbread houses.


Elephant Parade

rick elephant

 Our Girl Scout Troop learned all about elephants and how they are treated. We watched a movie called “How I became an Elephant”. It was sad and people were mean to the elephants. Trainers would use tools that look like pick axes to train the elephants. They would chain their leg and wouldn’t feed them. They could even do this to elephants at the fair or circuses.

10.30.2013 036

We also learned about the Elephant Parade in Dana Point. There are giant elephant statues that are painted and will be sold to raise money for the Asian Elephant Foundation. We painted our own elephants and auctioned them off. We raised $244.00 for the Asian Elephant Foundation.

10.20.2013 034

We are going to go to the parade to see them all next week. It was fun to learn all about the elephants. Now when I see them I will know how they can be treated sometimes and I won’t ride them or think it’s neat when they do tricks because it’s really sad.

So many fun things

rick ani petition 1

We just had the March Against Monsanto. It started at Laguna Beach and ended at the church. My sister Anabelle went with us this time and she was good at cheering really loud. At the church I got to give a speech. I went up all by myself for the first time. It was great.

rick ani petition signs

Cheer ended and we had a competition. We got to perform on stage and it was fun. We got first place and got a medal. My mom  gave me new outfit for my doll and Ani got a new doll. My favorite part about cheer was winning first place.

rick ani cheer

We did the Walk Against Drugs with my Girl Scout Troop and Ani’s Girl Scout Troop. It showed that we were drug free. It wasn’t so long of a walk this time. It was a lot of fun.

ani rick