Fun things I did

rick TEDx pass

I am doing a lot of things and having so much fun. I did my first TEDx speech. They called my mom the day of the conference and asked if I could come. My mom and I put together a little speech and I got to read it on stage. I was a little nervous and the lights were really bright. I had a lot of fun and can’t wait to go back next year to tell them about my petition!

My sisters and I were in a short video for the Ecology Center. I love it there and I love my Garden teacher Meg. We got to plant kale and harvest some vegetables. I got to take home my favorite eggplant and I ate it for breakfast all week.

rick planting 2

I had a Girl Scout project to plant trees at Hart Park. I went with my mom and sister Ani. We planted trees all by ourselves and it was fun. I got to dig with a big shovel and it was easy. Now the park is so pretty.


I got to visit my Mommy’s Nana, Nana Sanchez. She is 97 years old. I bet she eats really healthy and that’s why she is still alive. She only speaks Spanish. It was fun to see her. Oh and we got to pick guavas from her tree. I didn’t really like them so much, but my sister Cookie did.

I went to my Nana’s house on Saturday. We went swimming and my mom forgot to pack our swim suits, so we wore leotards. We made yummy banana bread and Ani liked it. I want to make it again.

rick savannah

On Sunday I got to go to Canyon Vista Elementary to help in their garden. I saw two of my teachers there. We cleaned up a garden bed and found a grub. We gave the grub a new home because they like to eat roots and we don’t want them to eat the roots of the plants.

Today, I saw Maya’s petition on the computer. She saw my petition to get GMOs out of Girl Scout cookies and started her own petition in Canada. Please sign her petition to help!  She’s 9 years old. She has 25,000 signatures. I think it is so cool she is helping to get GMOs out of our food. Maybe we can be a team.