School is here!

Last week was my first day of school . Now I’m in second grade. My teacher is really nice. I have a lot of friends in my class. My sister goes to my school now and it’s so much fun.

9.9.2013 294

I went to my Nana’s house and spent the night. We ate at Green Leaf and then got some Organic ice cream. I got chocolate and it was really good. I walked my Auntie’s dog Bonnie and went for a run. My favorite thing about going to my Nana’s is spending time with her.

rick nana straw

On Saturday I went on a garden tour. I went with my mom and Nana and two teachers from my school. We went to see 3 different gardens at 3 different schools. One was at my Kindergarten teacher’s new school. The teachers from my school rescued a trapped butterfly.

rick teachers straw

We saw garden with chickens and I got to hold one! They were all different colors. I got to taste Stevia and is was super sweet. I got to pick strawberries too and I gave one to my teachers.

9.13.2013 015

My garden teacher Meg from the Ecology Center organized the trip. She’s in charge of the Grow Your Own program. They help you get gardens at your school. I think it’s really neat and every school should have a garden because they are important for kids to learn about gardening and to touch nature and to learn about plants and food. I can’t wait to see Meg again.

9.13.2013 064


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