Fishing week

This week I went to the ecology center. I saw artichokes growing. I saw a humming bird and a mailbox that looked like cow. I saw chickens and roosters. The chickens lay eggs for people to eat. There was an Organic Farm right next door, but they didn’t give tours. They had cool tractors that had spots like cows.

tractor girls

I went fishing with my Dad on Sunday. I went with my sisters and friend Julian. I Caught the biggest catfish! Ani caught one too but not Cookie, but she still had fun. Some fish just ate my bait but then swam away. It was so much fun.

rick fishing

That night I went to a GMO Free meeting at D’Marie’s house. I ate yummy fruit. My mom let me have 1/4 of a cupcake. I got to pet Mr. Buttons the cat. We talked about the next March Against Monsanto. I get to do another speech and I am so excited I can’t wait. I want to make a little rat costume and have a cute sign. It will be so cute. Then I can tell everyone about GMOs and eating healthy.


I’m still running every morning. I get to run a race at the end of August. It’s in San Diego and people through colored chalk on you and I’m going to be colorful. I’m going to make my own tutu all by myself. My mom and Nana are going to run with me and it will be fun.


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