I haven’t done a post for a long time because I’ve been really busy doing lots of fun things.

ric k cheer 2

I started cheerleading. I have two practices during the week and a game on Saturday. Cheering is fun. I learned a lot of cheers. My favorite cheer is ROWDIE!

rick before   rick after

I have been running still too. I just did my first 5k. It was a color run. They throw colored powder at you while you are running. I made my own white tutu and hair bow. I ran with my mom and Nana. I was wearing all white and when we were done I was all colorful. The race was fun and I loved getting colorful.

8.7.2013 046

I’m still working on my cookbook. It’s almost done. My favorite recipe is the chili, it’s sooo good. I even made a video of how to make it. I want to make more videos and share them with everyone. I am so excited to get my book done and I wish it didn’t take so long.

Fishing week

Fishing week

This week I went to the ecology center. I saw artichokes growing. I saw a humming bird and a mailbox that looked like cow. I saw chickens and roosters. The chickens lay eggs for people to eat. There was an … Continue reading