GMO Free Fourth of July

On the fourth of July my mom and I left early to go to the parade. I helped her organize the Moms Across America Parade in Lake Forest. We went to Home Depot for tape and then went to get snacks.

rick 4 group

We got to the parade and turned my dad’s car into a bee. It was black with yellow stripes and it had wings and antennas and a stinger. It looked so cool!

rick 4 1

We marched with a lot of other people to tell everyone about GMOs and that they are in our food and not good for us. We did my favorite cheer that Jon did at March Against Monsanto “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, GMOs have got to go”. I had a megaphone and was cheering the loudest.

  rick 4 mom2

My mom made me a special shirt that had a bee for “be the change”. I got to wear a yellow and black tutu , wings and antennas too. It was hot but I had fun dancing with one of the girls who was holding the sign. It was awesome that I was cheering the whole time and I had fun.


After the parade we went to my Nana’s house. We had a water slide all day and I danced with my sisters and brother. My cousins were there and I had fun. We did fireworks and they were amazing. We had a special treat too. We made smores, but my mom got good ingredients. I think we might try to make our own graham crackers and marshmallows for our cook book.


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