Fun summer starts

School’s out and I’m a second grader! Last week I went to my Nana’s house for 3 whole days and it was fun. We went to the Santa Ana Zoo and the birds there were pretty. I saw monkeys and turtles and an owl. Another day we went to see butterflies and went on a nature walk. We saw a pond and pretty rainbow colored rocks.

ricky meatball (2)

For Father’s Day we gave Poppa presents. We made picture frames and drew pictures and gave him a mouse pad and mug with our pictures on them. We went for a hike and saw some butterflies.

7.5.2013.2 142

Now it’s summertime. This summer we are going to go to the beach and pool a lot. I still have school work my mom is giving me and it is fun. I’m making recipes too for a cook book that I am making with my mom. I’m learning to make lots of healthy things. We are running every morning and it’s not my favorite. But at the end of the summer I get to do a race with my mom and Nana. I think we are going to take trips to lots of farms and gardens too.

The last thing is about my petition. We almost have 10,000 signatures but we need some more. Maybe when I get 10,000 we can go to New York to give it to Mrs. Chavez.