The fabulous week

This week I had a meeting with Dr. Farley and Mr. Hampton. They are the Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent, but I think they should be called SuperHEROS! They talked to my mom and me about GMO food, ChoiceLunch and healthier lunches in our school. They were awesome and nice and the best Superintendents ever. They said that we could try to get healthier lunches but there isn’t enough money. We are going to work with them and with PTAs to get healthy fundraisers and healthier foods for other activities.

Rick superintendent

My friend Samantha turned 8 and we went to her birthday party. It was so much fun! We went to a bounce house place and played games. I didn’t eat any of the cupcakes because they had food coloring, but my mom brought chocolate cupcakes she made and they were yummy.

6.8.2013 069

I lost my top front tooth. I put it in my tooth bag and the tooth fairy brought me $5.00!


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