My Birthday week

Wednesday was my birthday…I turned 7!!! We went swimming and then to dinner at Sharky’s with my Nana and Tia and cousins. Sharky’s has no GMOs. I got lots of presents and my favorite was my Monster High Jammies and sunglasses.

rick bday (2)

Thursday night I went to a movie with my mom. It was called GMO OMG and was about GMOs. I saw Zen and Kathleen. We had some special guests. Mr. Hampton the Deputy Superintendent, my two favorite teachers and Mrs. Jen. It was super that they came. It was a little bit long and I knew all the stuff they were talking about. I did learn about a seed bank and how good it is.

6.8.2013 120 6.8.2013 122 6.8.2013 121

Saturday was my birthday party at the Baby Beach. It was the best party ever. My favorite friends were there. We were there all day long. We had a pinata with toys and only a little bit of candy that was organic. We had Sharky’s and lots of fruit and veggies to eat and my mom made organic, gluten free and GMO free cupcakes. Everyone loved the cupcakes. After every birthday the next morning we get birthday cake for breakfast.

rick bday

Today I went swimming with Mia. It was fun.


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