The Fun Week!

This week my Tia Grace and Tio Juany had a baby. It was a girl and they named her Rebecca.


My little brother Dom had a birthday and he turned 2! We had a party at our Nana’s house and we had a water slide. My mom made a cake without GMOs an it was Organic and there was no Gluten or food coloring. The party was so fun and I had a chile mango lollipop and it was Organic too.

jog rick

Friday I had a Jogathon at my school and our team was Los Relampagos. My mom made me a shirt with a lightning bolt and I wore a yellow tutu and bow in my hair. I ran fast and finished 16 laps! It was so fun and every time I got squirt with water I ran faster.

rick science presetn

I finished my Science Project and did my presentation. My project was on growing strawberries in coconut fiber and soil to see which one the strawberries grew better in. Nw we have a strawberry garden.


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