My exciting week.

On Wednesday we made ice cream in our Girl Scout meeting. We made it with 4 ingredients, Organic maple syrup, Organic cream, Organic milk and Vanilla. It tasted good. There was 23 ingredients in the ice cream from the store.

rick board

Later that day, I went to go talk to the School District about getting healthier lunches in our schools. I got to speak right after my mom. My mom did good and she went over her 3 minutes. I went next, I got to use a microphone and I did it in 2 minutes. I think everyone liked my speech because they all clapped at the end.

monsanto 1

Saturday I went to the March Against Monsanto. It was special that my dad came. We walked around the town cheering. My favorite cheer was “Hey-hey, Ho-ho, GMOs have o to go!” There were also drums and they were interesting. After we walked I gave a speech about Monsanto and GMOs. It was exciting.


Playdate at the beach with Trey

I got to meet Mrs. Carole and she is very tall to the sky and really nice. She was in a group and they took her out because there were some people in the group who were taking sides and she didn’t think it was fair. I listened to her talk about GMOs. She talked about the rats getting tumors and bugs tummys exploding and I knew that too!

Alicia and GMO trailblazer Carole Bartolotto.

Alicia and GMO trailblazer Carole Bartolotto.

Yesterday, I went to the beach with my friend Trey, Lenaya, Dax, Mrs. Jen and Mr. Matt. I went in the water and the waves pushed me down to the sand and I loved it. Then we went to another beach and we ate yummy healthy food. Then we played on the basketball court. It was the best day ever.

Rick Trey