Fun at the Farmer’s Market

4.10.13 070

This week I went to my Nana’s house to swim all day. I went to the park with my cousins too. It was fun and sunny.

zen rick 3

On Thursday I met Zen and her kids. Zen started a March for Moms to tell people about GMOs. It’s called Moms Across America March. We got to talk on the radio and it was interesting.

        rick farmers market 2farmer market 4farmer market 5farmer market6

Today, I went to the Farmer’s Market and passed out fliers about my Honk and Wave. It was fun to go with my mom. One man knew all about GMOs and he made bread with no GMOs. A lot of people didn’t know about GMOs, but I passed out fliers and now they know. Oh, and I got to taste some samples.


One thought on “Fun at the Farmer’s Market

  1. Hi Rick! I’m so glad you, your sisters, Dom and your cousins came to swim on Wednesday. How neat that you got to meet Zen and to pass out your fliers today. I bet the park was a lot of fun yesterday with your cousins. I’m looking forward to the Honk and Wave. Tomorrow I’m going to the farmer’s market at The OC Mix where we’ve gone together to get organic ice cream.

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