Ricky’s Honk n Wave

Rick OC kelloggs

Thank you for coming to my Honk and Wave. We all are saving people’s lives by talking about GMOs and cheering “Just say NO to GMOs!” A lot of people showed up and we took a picture together. There was lots of kids and one of them was passing out flyers and she did a great job!

We were holding up signs and I had SO much fun! We were cheering and telling people GMOs are not safe. At the end we went shopping for Kellogg’s cereal, but we weren’t buying it because it has lots of GMOs and that’s really bad. We went in the store and looked for the Kellogg’s cereal. We filled our cart with the cereal and went to the register. A lady took one of the signs off my cart and it made me sad, but then my mom gave me her cart. When we got to the register we unloaded the cereal and asked the lady if they had GMOs. She said I do not know. So we told her we couldn’t buy it and that it was not safe.

We went to the store to pretend to buy the cereal so other people would see us and they would know the cereal was not safe. Maybe the other people will take their Kellogg’s cereal out of their cart because they will see us and know that it’s not good to eat that cereal.

It was so much fun because it was the best time of my life. Nana came too and I got to be with my mom. Now, lots of people know about GMOs and that they are bad. I hope Kellogg’s makes cereal without GMOs.

Oh yeah and I was in the newspaper and we saw them when we went to the doctor!

Annnnd, I had special time with Nana while my mom took my sisters and brother to soccer practice on Wednesday.

A letter to Girl Scouts


Dear Mrs. Anna,

GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are not good for us. Caramel color is not healthy either. Palm oil comes from trees where orangutans live and we are taking their homes.

GMO seeds come from Monsanto. They use part of a gene of a plant or animal and they put it in the seeds. Or, they put pesticides in the seeds. Then, bugs eat them and their tummies explode. A rat ate GMO corn for 2 years and it got tumors and couldn’t have babies. That can’t be good for us.

There are lots of GMOs in our Girl Scout Cookies and they are not safe. Please make our cookies safe and take out the GMOs.

If you do it, I’d like to thank you.


Alicia Serratos

Troop 2753


4.6.13 302

My cousin AJ came over this week and I saw her at school.

I’m doing a Science Project for my class…I’m planting strawberries in coconut fiber, like Mr. Erik and in regular soil to see which one grows better and tastes better.

Yesterday we went to the MS Walk. We were walking for Mrs. Olive on Team PIN MS. My whole family went and some of our Girl Scout Troop. It was amazing like last time.

My petition has 8,231 signatures and I talked to Ms. Sarah from the newspaper on the phone.

I love Easter!


My mom told me about a honk and wave. We are going to pass out flyers about GMOs and tell people that GMOs are in cereal and they are not safe. GMOs are really dangerous for you and people shouldn’t be eating GMOs. https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/519140918128022/

My teacher left and my old teacher came to surprise us with her new baby. I’m going to miss my old teacher Srta. Quevedo. It was Easter and I got lots of popcorn from the Easter eggs. I went to my Nana’s and Tata’s house, it was a super duper day. My dad lost my airplane, but today he bought me a kite.